Ooh, this sounds interesting. There are some games I really love.

Perfect. Don't suppose you have one that stands out above the rest from 2020?

Wait, what?

It's for the Pocket Gamer People's Choice 2021

Erm, what's that?

Well, it's only one of the highlight categories of the PG Mobile Games Awards, run by our industry-focused sibling site, PocketGamer.biz.

How come?

It's the only award nominated for and voted on by you, the players – whereas all the other categories are nominated for by developers, publishers, PR teams, tool providers, investors... everyone in the mobile games industry, essentially.

So the fact that this one is decided by gamers themselves makes it a bit of a badge of honour for the winner.

So these have happened before?

The PG Mobile Games Awards are now in their fourth year – and we've run the PG People's Choice from the very start. Due to pandemic shenanigans the awards will run in July this time (typically it's January).

And you're saying we have to pick from games we played last year?

Yep, anything released on iOS or Android between January 1st to December 31st 2020.

Okay, I'm in. Is it a complicated process?

Not at all. Nominating takes way less time than reading this far, in fact. Just nominate your game here.

I'm about to go into a Zoom call but I'll do it later – promise.

Cool. Just remember that you only have until midnight on May 21st.

That's a bit dramatic. What happens after?

No explosions, no buses to keep above 50mph. We'll simply collate the entries, work out the finalists, and present these for you to vote on.

My submission better be part of the final list

Hopefully enough people share your exquisite taste in games to ensure that happens – we only take the 20 games with the most nominations through to the voting phase.

Ha, the old flattery trick. I've already said I'll do it. 

You are a wonderful human.