Kuro Games has revealed the first three cyborg super-soldiers who are coming to its highly anticipated aRPG, Punishing Gray Raven. Lucia, Liv & Lee will be joining the space station Babylonia to preserve humanity. The following characters will be the first to appear in-game after it launches this summer.

The newly added cyborg soldiers are known as Constructs, specially built with advanced technologies to fight back the Corrupted. Each of them possesses unique skills and abilities and has multiple uses depending upon the situation.

The Captain of the Gray Raven squad, Lucia is a powerful and skilled sword mistress, who has mastered deadly aerial combos. Her special attacks include AoE slashes and single target rapid attacks.

Next up we have Liv, the support soldier of the team who plays an important role in the backline of the squad. Her special abilities allow her to heal her squadmates and her hidden floating guns deal massive damage and can be triggered at any point in time if the enemy is quite far away from her.

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Finally, Lee is a deadly marksman who is also the eldest member of the squad. He specializes in close and long-range combat and his favourite weapons include rapid firing pistols and grenades.

Apart from that, Lee’s practical and mature thoughts and decision make him a core member of the squad. His other skills include repairing weapons and vast knowledge in the engineering field.

With those three characters, Gray Raven is set to begin its dark sci-fi story. The publisher has also assured us that the game will be adding new characters and other elements after its release. 

Punishing: Grey Raven is set to release on the App Store and Google Play this summer, with pre-registration set to open soon. It will be a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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