Dantat Studio has released River Legends: A Fly Fishing Adventure for iOS devices. The game was previously an Android exclusive.

It’s a role-playing game that blends fishing with style of adventure games in which you try to catch fish using mechanics that correspond perfectly to traditional fishing.

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This is presented in a classic pixel art graphics style, which promises to take your experience to a whole new level with its RPG-style mechanics. This includes features such as having to accurately cast your fishing line and bait the fish directly into your trap. These techniques are performed using real-time controls, and can be tricky to master.

That’s not to say it’s an easy game though, as Dantat has added some difficulty to the various challenges you come across. You must contend with the varying water current, weather conditions, and random species that will interfere with your chances to successfully catch a fish.

Take a look at the trailer for River Legends above, which showcases the crisp 2D graphics and role-playing gameplay.

It’s not a game that you need to worry about multiple objectives however, and in fact you can set your own goal and complete it at your leisure. This means you can catch as many fish as you want and display them in your trophy album.

You should also remember to collect items so you can upgrade your skills and tools to expand your fishing territory and catch them with ease.

With the release of the iOS version, River Legends is also receiving new maps and content to satisfy those who enjoy the game on either iOS or Android.

You can download River Legends: A Fly Fishing Adventure from the iOS App Store and the Google Play for Android store, where it is a paid title costing $2.99.

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