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In today’s article, we will take a closer look at Lords Mobile familiars and why you should use them. Also, we are going to rank the best ones currently available in the game through the tier list. But first things first, let's go over some things about familiars that new players might not know.

Why do I even need familiars?

A familiar is a monster that offers a certain buff-like skill. Upon its use, its effect will greatly benefit the player. So there’s your answer. Familiars are essentially a buff. Depending on their level and skill, they can greatly help you during battle!

How do familiars become available in Lords Mobile?

In order for familiars to become available in Lords Mobile, players must first unlock the buildings necessary to summon them. For that, they need to complete Skirmish 8: Sacred War.

How to acquire a familiar in Lords Mobile?

You need at least one rune of the familiar you want to unlock. To acquire these runes, you can merge pacts in the mystic spire. Once you do that, you will receive a number of runes or fragments (or both).

Keep in mind that some runes are only obtainable through purchase bundles or special events. Also, in order to get higher level pacts, you can unlock them through familiar research.

Upgrading familiars

Every familiar has 3 stages. hatchling, adult and elder. They grow in size with each stage, and glow with a different colour: green for a hatchling, blue for an adult, and purple for an elder.

Now, depending on the rarity of the familiar, there are certain conditions that have to be met in order to enhance them. To enhance a familiar to the next stage, it must first have the required number of its runes. But not just that, it must also reach its current maximum level. So, you need to max level and required runes before you upgrade them!

Leveling them up

There are a few different ways that you can level up your familiars. One way is by training them in the gym. Another way is by using exp potions or elixirs. Fragments also can be used to level up your pet.

During 'Familiar Workout', which is a special event, familiars earn an added 50% boost of exp. That's definitely the best time to try and level them up!

Something to keep in mind when you are about to level up your familiars is that their level cannot exceed the current player level (that's your level).

Lords Mobile Familiars tier list

Since we’ve covered the basics, now it’s time to rank the Lords Mobile familiars and explain their skills, starting from the best, in our opinion.

Keep in mind that each familiar can be good in certain situations, depending on what you want to use their skill for. Therefore, here's the Lords Mobile tier list of top familiars according to how strong they are, starting with Saberfang. 

S+ Tier


Skill: Hunting Ground
Adds a number (based on skill level) of hunts in a row once within 15 minutes. Cannot exceed hunts in row limit.

Snow Beast

Skill: Seasoned Courier
Increases Supply capacity by a percentage (based on skill level) for a number of minutes.


Skill: In a Flash
Completes gathering for a number (depending on skill level) of random Gathering Armies (not applicable for Gem Lodes, does not grant event points). Five armies at maximum level.


Skill: Homeward Bind
Recalls all troops/marches from anywhere on the Kingdom map (Does not include Coalition Troops).


Skill: Blazing Trail
Kills a number of troops in an enemys barracks (will not exceed 5% of the total number of troops). Lower Tier troops will be targeted first.

Mega Maggot

Skill: Contaminate
Reduces an enemy's resource production by a percentage (depending on level) for a number of minutes
(95% ,360 minutes  at max level)

Hell Drider

Skill: Convocation
Grants a number of random troops from the highest tier available to you (t1- t4 troops)


Skill: Pay Day
Grants a number of random Jewels (3 at max level)


Skill:Lucky Stars
Grants a number of random Holy star items (3 at max level)

S Tier

Gemming Gremlin

Skill: Stroke of Fortune
Grants a number of gems (1,000 ~ 2,000 at max level)


Skill: Gold digger
Gives free gold (6m ~ 12m at max level).

Evil Weevil

Skill: Gather Round
Instantly receive 4 hours worth of resources. Cooldown depends on skill level.


Skill: First Class
Gives a number of random vip points items (3 at max level) 


Skill : Refreshed
Gives a number (based on skill level) of STA to the player.


Skill: Nether Quake
Receive a random amount of fragments a number of times (Based on skill level) 

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Original list by Mihail Katsoris, updated by Pocket Gamer Staff.

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