KEMCO has announced it will be releasing a new mystery visual novel called Raging Loop on Android in the near future, and pre-registrations are available on Google Play now.

The story goes that when the evening mist arrives, it is the sign of a murder ritual known as the Feast of the Yomi-Purge that is taking place. What this involves isn’t exactly clear, but it includes a death loop where the tragedy is doomed to repeat itself. It’s up to you to solve this paranormal mystery.

Raging Loop is a psychological horror visual novel which boldly interprets Werewolf style of games. If you’ve never played that before, it’s basically a party game where participants take on different roles, with some playing the role of villagers and others playing werewolves, with the latter aiming to kill all villagers while the former have to deduce who are the culprits in time before they’re all killed.

If you’ve played other social deduction games such as Town of Salem, or even Among Us, the concept remains similar.

There’s a lot more to Raging Loop’s gameplay cycle, including a Scenario Chart which will come handy to escape from the death loop. You must use the loop to discover keys and unlock new routes which will help you reach a conclusion much faster.

All of this is rendered within beautiful illustrations and lots of descriptive text to help immerse you within the story. There is Japanese voice acting too, but it can be toggled on or off depending on your preferences.

You can now pre-register to download Raging Loop for when it releases on the Google Play store. There’s no word from KEMCO yet how the title will be priced.

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