Fans of the dark fantasy RPG, A3: Still Alive can now experience new content by getting their hands on the recently introduced Scholar Class. To mark the release of the new class, the game will hold multiple events and a series of in-game activities.

The newly added class can be tested out in various dungeons and game modes. Scholars belong to the warrior class and are experts in close and long-range combat depending upon the situation. The scholar class has access to four types of summoning.

Play the Starter Missions to grab rewards that will help unlock the new class. In addition, the game will grant 7-star Hecamione Soul Linker, EXP Soul Stars, Complement Chests, and other boosting benefits as rewards. During the event, players can achieve 2M Combat Power in 2 weeks, regardless of the class they use.

Apart from the events based on the newly added Scholar Class, the game will also focus on other small events including:

5x Faster Growth Speed Event

  • Starting from April 15th – May 6th, the game will hold a Bonus Hot Time that offers 400% EXP earned along with monster hunt in new servers
  • Get a chance to receive the Main Quest Auto-Clear Tickets after reaching a certain level, that allows automatic mission clear in exchange for Gold
  • Until April 29th, players with an account more than level 50 can redeem Sealed Grimoire tickets to exchange for EXP Chests
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Max Level Equipment
  • Get a chance to claim new maxed equipment every 10 levels crossed until level 130.


  • Earn new Soul Linker Items, combat power-boosting items for Soul Linkers by continuously grinding.

Level Expansion 

  • Players can now reach Lv. 160, while new Lv. 150~160 equipment has been added. This also includes a new Lv. 160 Legendary Background Set Grade.
  • New players can try out the Saeldir region, the Ermondo Mine Equipment Dungeon, and B4 of the Refuge of the Dead

A3: Still Alive is available now over on the App Store and Google Play. It's a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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