A3: Still Alive introduces latest update which adds a new Guild Boss to challenge and an abundance of events

A3: Still Alive introduces latest update which adds a new Guild Boss to challenge and an abundance of events
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NetMarble’s massively popular mobile MMORPG A3: Still Alive has announced its latest update. The new patch brings a new Guild Boss along with some limited-time events that will offer up an abundance of rewards for you to upgrade your characters and gear.

First off, let’s go over that new Guild Boss. Maxiella can be fought by co-oping Guild Members to collect invitations to her arena, where she’ll then appear as a boss at the Guild Hall itself. By defeating her with your Guild Members, you’ll be able to obtain Tier-5 Boss Substat Changing Stone, as well as Level 220 Legendary Background Fragments and a variety of other rewards to upgrade your stats. This fight will not be easy, however, and will require full communication and knowledge of what exactly you and your teammates are getting into, so be sure you’re prepared before you give it a go!

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Next, all the new events are set to launch. First off, we have the Lucky Dice Season 2 event, where players will roll dice upon a gameboard and move a figurine accordingly. Wherever this figurine lands will give you rewards based on that space, and those rewards can range from Ancient Accessory Chests to Inetrion Ore pieces and more. Next, the Summon Support 7 Days Check In. In this one, Blue Diamond and Soul Linker Summon Currency can be obtained daily across the length of a week simply by logging in. Then, the Soul Linker Level Up Support Event. This one will give you 3-star EXP Soul Stars and 5-star EXP Soul Rewards for levelling up your Soul Link. And finally, the Herdis 7 Days Mission, where players will be able to exchange medals for Life, Bravery Skill, Enhancement Stones, Enhancement Blessing Scrolls, or Blue Diamonds.

Phew! Lots on offer here, as you can see. This also means that there has never been a better time to dig into A3: Still Alive yourself, and if you’d like to do so, you can check out either of the links below this article. In the meantime, feel free to check out the official website for more information on all the new stuff coming with this update!

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