A3: Still Alive's latest patch introduces a brand new character alongside some celebratory events and new content

A3: Still Alive's latest patch introduces a brand new character alongside some celebratory events and new content
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NetMarble’s super popular open-world RPG A3: Still Alive has released a new update that introduces a brand new character alongside a bunch of events and new content to celebrate said release. This new character, the Soulbinder, introduces a new way to play A3 and comes with a ton of new stuff to utilize her kit in as well.

The Soulbinder is a ranged-based character that lands somewhere between a typical Necromancer class from something like Diablo with your usual Ranger class found in most RPGs. Using her Soul Bullets, she can tear apart the battlefield from a distance, but also utilises a Summoned Creature who will boost her ATK and DEF stats at the same time. This makes for an interesting combo, and a pretty unique class overall.

Along with the Soulbinder, players will now be able to explore the Soulbinder’s Hall to access the PVP Field, a laboratory based around her character, and the Soulbinder’s Hunting Ground PvE field. Each field can be entered for only 8 hours a day, and if you manage to best both, you’ll get your hands on the Soulbinder’s Scythe, which can then be exchanged for a large collection of items ranging from upgrade materials to crafting mats and more.

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Of course, to celebrate all of this new stuff, there’s also been some updates to other systems too. There’s a new Soul Runner, Foxy, who has been added alongside an increase to Soul Runner slots to 7 from the previous 6 it was capped out at. There have also been updates to the Shu Hybridize System and Shu Transcend Expansion as well as the Ore System.

In terms of events, there’s a new Soulbinder 7-Day Check-In Event that will give you tons of rewards throughout the upcoming week simply by logging in every day. This is alongside the Hot-Time Event, which offers a 400% rate increase to obtain EXP and Apostle EXP as well as a 100% rate increase to earned Gold and a 20% increase on equipment drops.

So, between all this new content and a ton of buffed rates that will make it much easier to level up and get rich quick, there’s never been a better time to try out A3: Still Alive. If you’d like to check it out yourself, you can download it for free at either of the links below!

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