After its massive success during soft launch events across the globe, Smash Legends is finally launching worldwide. The hit multi-platform PvP from LINE Games will celebrate its official release by handing out Peter’s skin to all players, plus a host of other cool in-game goodies any fairy tale fan shouldn’t miss.

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Now available on both mobile and on PC, Smash Legends features fast-paced 3-minute battles where players go head-to-head to try and knock each other out of the arena the fastest (and coolest) way they know how. Other heart-stopping game modes include an intense Duel, a 3 v 3 Dominion, as well as a rowdy 8-player Battle Royale.

Players can choose from 10 classic characters inspired by fairy tale stories reimagined into the Smash Legends arena. Every character from the roster has distinct skills and characteristics, allowing players to strategize their battle plan and pick the character that suits their play style best.

On top of the free Peter skin, players will also receive tons of Gems, Key Doublers, Coins, and Super Special Chests as part of the 2-week-long attendance event in celebration of the global launch. Along with SMASH PASS Season 1, a brand new Legend - Ducky and Swan - joins the brawler to add more versatility to the already decked-out game.

Smash Legends is out now on iOS and Android, and features both multi-language support and cross-play.

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