Battery Boy by Petricore, Inc is the latest arcadey endless runner game that brings something a little different to the genre. The unique feature of the title is that it changes based on the remaining battery percentage of your real-life device.

Interesting isn’t it? The game has different playstyles and the entire game depends on the amount of juice left in your battery. To keep the player engaged, the game rewards you with in-game coins at various times throughout the day, you just need to login and claim them.

It features a very easy and interactive learning curve where the players will have to dodge the incoming obstacles. With such content and an adorable aesthetic, the game is suitable for all age groups. In addition, it also has a minigame, which is essentially Pinball.

Take part in the various levels and challenges in this minigame to claim frequent rewards. Alongside this, there are new characters, skins, costumes, and also some groovy music to unlock by playing through the main game. 

Enter the competitive side of the game by inviting your friends. Add them to your game or simply challenge them and beat their high score to earn an exclusive reward. But keep an eye on your battery the entire time. Remember, the gameplay changes according to your remaining battery percentage.

And with the release of the game on both platforms, the developers at Petricore Games are determined to improve the game and add more content in the near future. So, go ahead and try the game to experience gameplay that's lead by your battery life. 

Battery Box is now available on Google Play and App Store. It is a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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