Following the previous joint announcement made by Netmarble and Kung Fu Factory, NBA Ball Stars is now available for iOS and Android. Shortly after its official unveiling, the game made its way successfully to the app markets and players can now enjoy some NBA Stars right on their mobile devices.

It is a combination of fast-paced gameplay and matches, full of puzzle-solving and team management skills that makes NBA Ball Stars an intriguing team-based strategy title. Power up your team’s chosen athletes by matching gems, and teach them how to execute special shots, steals, slam dunks and more.

With the release of the game globally, Simon Sim, President of Netmarble US said: “Our partnership with the NBA has been momentous in the creation of a unique genre of game with appeal beyond casual gamers and sports fans to broader NBA culture, within the mobile gaming industry"

Some key features of the game:
  • Collect and manage NBA Stars – With the game’s ongoing roster of popular NBA Stars, players can create customized lineups. Make sure to improve and upgrade the team’s talent to feature your name on the leaderboards and collect massive rewards.
  • Powering up your players – Increase various attributes and stats of offensive and defensive skills by completing multiple puzzles and get a chance to unlock signature moves. By creating board-clearing effects while solving the Blocker Gems, can guarantee you victory.
  • Vary your lineups to achieve success – If you are willing to spend more time on your favourite player to improve them, then focus on your OVR(overall rating) to get an extra time reward. Also, work on your line-ups and athletes’ unique skillsets with the help of the Formations System.

NBA Ball Stars is now available on the App Store and Google Play. It is a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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