MU Origin 2, the sequel to Webzen’s hit mobile MMORPG MU Origin, is taking things up a notch with another massive update that includes hardcore tournaments, exciting Awakening, Arena PvPs, and so much more.

Upon reaching level 280, players can participate in the Arena during 10:00 – 23:59 every day. In this ultimate test of might and mettle, the strongest players can fight their way to the top in a tier-based rank system. The season will end after one month, so those who wish to rise through the ranks for the most Honor Points (so you can shop away to your heart’s content at the Honor Shop), and Rank Points should make the most of every season. On the first of every month, players can also engage in thrilling PvP matches in the Battle of Gods. Only the top 128 Arena victors will be qualified to enter the Battle of Gods.

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If you need a much-needed power boost to make it through the matches (as well as the new Abyss: 3vs3 Competition), you can now Awaken your accessories for cool bonus properties and extra protection once your character reaches MII Lv1 (Lvl 500) as well as clear the Devil Ring quest. Upon reaching MI 1Lv (Lvl 400), the Magic Core will open, allowing you to enhance them using Magic Core Enchant nabbed from the Diamond Shop, Guild Shop, and Invasion of Elements.

Other boosts include the Immortal (enhanced through Soul Blood scored from the Diamond Shop and Battle Core), as well as Soul which can be enhanced upon reaching M1 Lvl 51 (Lvl 450) and Immortal Tier 2.

You can check out all the finer details of the MU Origin 2 update on the official Facebook page, or download the free-to-play game over at the App Store and Google Play.

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