With the hard-hitting-graphics consoles and PC hardware available these days, it’s easy to see that bigger and better is winning the race when it comes to platforms to play your games. Naturally, the Switch fits somewhere in between in this race, but that’s neither here nor there.

Services like Xbox Cloud Gaming and Playstation’s Remote Play offer us opportunities to play games when we are away from home or perhaps, in Xbox’s case, if we don’t own the system. This, unfortunately, requires low latency from your internet connection and additional setup to get controls to work sometimes, which can lead to frustration.

It’s only when developers take the time to create fitting mobile ports of the games we love that they get the controls right and the game feels like it belongs on that device. While it takes a lot of effort to make something perfect for portable, it’s hard to deny the reach that a mobile port would offer for these games.

We think the following ten games from Steam and consoles would be great to play on the go — on your iPhone or iPad.