Project Cars GO has sped onto mobile devices today, bringing the series over to iOS and Android for the first time. We recently had a chance to chat with Joe Barron, Marketing & Esports Manager for the Project CARS franchise to discuss the decision to bring the series over to phones alongside the challenges they face in doing so. 

Why was the decision made to bring the Project Cars GO series over to mobile?

The Project CARS series on PC and console has millions of players around the world, and we’ve introduced lots of new fans to the world of motorsport. We still felt that there was a big opportunity on mobile to bring our brand of racing authenticity to a whole new audience, and we would love to inspire new players to become the next big racing game fans.

What did you view as the most integral elements of Project Cars GO that simply had to remain in this mobile entry in the franchise?

Project CARS is known for outstanding visuals and attention-to-detail on both the cars and the tracks, so we’re really pleased to have delivered that on mobile for the first time in the series. The motoring authenticity that we’re known for is key as well. We’ve got a fantastic car customization and tuning system in Project Cars GO that we think gearheads will get a real kick out of.

The game was initially announced all the way back in 2018, what challenges has the development team faced in that time, if any?

At the same time as developing Project CARS GO, we were also working on Project CARS 3 and Fast & Furious Crossroads. Bringing our engine and technology to mobile for the first time was a challenge, so we wanted to take our time to deliver on our promise of a great bespoke racing game for the platform. We wanted to make sure that we nailed a fun mobile experience and to release the game when it was truly ready.

Can you talk us through the process of deciding upon the touch screen control scheme Project Cars GO uses?

We looked at lots of different control methods when development first began. We decided to bring the franchise to mobile in a bespoke way rather than doing a basic port of one of our other games with console button overlays on the touch screen or something like that. We decided to focus on the skill that separates elite race car drivers from all the rest; timing. The timing of the perfect start, the perfect shift, and nailing their braking points. Those things combined are what helped us to come up with the concept of One Touch Racing.

You’ve already held various beta tests ahead of the official launch, how have players responded to the game so far?

It’s been really exciting to finally get the game into the hands of players. We’ve had fantastic feedback on the handling, the graphics, and the depth of the tuning system. We’re looking forward now to even more fans playing the game once it goes live worldwide.

Do you have a set roadmap for content that will make its way into the game post-launch? What kind of events and updates can we expect from Project Cars GO?

Absolutely. Our friends at Gamevil will be publishing more details about upcoming game content in the weeks ahead. You can expect new cars, new tracks, and lots of specially themed limited-time events too.

There are a lot of racing games on mobile, how would you say Project Cars GO distinguishes itself from the rest of the competition?

Project CARS GO has that unique attention to detail and authentic automotive experience that is distinctly Slightly Mad Studios. We designed the game specifically for mobile to make the most of the touch screen, and we’re proud of the deep car upgrade and tuning system as well. Racing fans will really get into the fine detail of personalizing their car performance and filling out their garage with their favourite vehicles.

What would you say to any ardent fans of Project Cars who might be concerned about the idea of a mobile version of the game? i.e. lacking depth, becoming more casual

Releasing a mobile game doesn’t take anything away from our traditional console and PC titles. There’s still more support and content to come for Project CARS 3, so watch this space for further announcements on that front. Project CARS GO brings players a new kind of racing experience developed exclusively for phone and tablet.

Project CARS GO is available now over on the App Store and Google Play. It's a free-to-play game with in-app purchases. 

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