Project Cars GO: basic tips for new professional race car drivers

Project Cars GO: basic tips for new professional race car drivers

Rev up those engines, because it's GO time!

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Project Cars GO has finally arrived on mobile devices everywhere. It's the mobile version of the highly popular and regarded Project Cars series which is known on console and PC. The games essentially supposed to have been made by pure, hardcore racing fans, so it was made with some extra love.

Made by Gamevil which is known for its creation of sports and fantasy mobile games, made the Project Cars experience fairly easy to pick up from a control standpoint. It also features some of the best graphics you'll see in a mobile racing game too.

But it's slightly different from other mobile racers and as we mentioned, the controls are a bit unique, but also can be simple to master. If you just downloaded the free new Project Cars experience, then we'll give you a few basic tips to kick things off.

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Timing is Everything

It may not seem totally clear at first, but the timing of your button presses is what the gameplay in Project Cars GO is all about. However, it's not just the typical tapping of a button on your screen. Instead, you'll see arches that look like checkpoints out there.

So, as you approach them, you'll need to tap at the right time. Each arch focuses on braking, accelerating, and shifting. Time these right to get an edge on your competition. It's a simple concept that is perfect for most reaching fan mobile gamers.

Timing in any game can always be kind of tricky. In some ways, it's no different here, but you'll get comfortable after a short while. And don't fret if you get a "poor" or two. It's bound to happen but you'll still have a great chance to win some early races if you remain consistent.

Make Sure to Upgrade Your Ride

The first few races are going to seem pretty easy. But as you progress, things may rev up a bit so it's very important to upgrade your vehicle. If you've played many racing games over the years, then you'll already know how critical this can be.

If you're new to racing games, especially mobile ones, then make sure to head to that garage. It's really easy to go from race to race without doing so. You can do that and will probably be fine, but it's good to have that extra edge. This, especially when you're doing more than just standard races out there.

You can improve everything from acceleration to the brakes as well as the tires. Better tires can help you with special races such as drag races. You don't control the steering of your car, but that's why it's important to make sure your speed and traction upgrades are on-point. Also, once you have enough currency, feel free to upgrade your ride and give yourself something shiny, new, and fast.

Remember That The Cars Are in Auto-Drive

With so many racing games relying on turning in playing a big role in your success, this is one area you don't need to worry about Project Cars GO. We talked about this a little bit already, but it's just a good mental note to keep in mind.

This is especially true if you do have some racing game experience as you're accustomed to steering throughout races. If you're new to the racing scene, especially the mobile one, then you may be able to adjust to this pretty quickly. That doesn't mean that experienced virtual drivers won't figure it out. They are experienced after all.

But with all this being said, it's always good to know what your primary focus is. See the arches, and tap when the time is right. Also, make sure you get a nice little boost in the beginning. When revving your engine, you'll a gauge with a blue hot zone. Keep the cursor in the blue area when you take off and you'll be off in a hurry like you're trying to go grab that hot cup of coffee.

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