Project Cars GO: Three solid cars for starting out

Project Cars GO: Three solid cars for starting out

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Project Cars GO is the mobile version of the critically acclaimed console/PC game of the same name. The game was praised for its driving and racing authenticity while also having some of the most popular cars in the world featured in the games. 

Now, being on iOS and Android, mobile gamers get the chance to experience the highly regarded racing game for themselves. It features a smooth, one-touch control scheme which is pretty unique for the genre. It also features real-world locations like Mont St. Michel as well as really solid graphics. 

There's a slew of great cars that you can choose and unlock. And that's what we'll talk about. If it's your first time firing up the game, here are a few cars you can use early on. At the end of the day, it's your choice, but here are a few shiny rides to take a look at. 

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Ferrari F40

One of the world's most iconic cars is featured in Project Cars GO. Each group of cars is broken into tiers and the Ferarri is in Tier 2. It's a great vehicle of choice if you want something that's stylish and is fairly affordable when you want to save a little cash and diamonds.

It boasts a Top Speed rating of 90 while Acceleration is at a cool 87. It's a well-balanced car but if Acceleration is a major focus for you, then maybe the 87 ratings might not be good enough. The Ferrari's Cornering ability (this affects steering) is at a solid 91.

Although it's affordable for a Ferrari, it's still a bit on the pricey side for a tier 2 ride at $110,000 and 300 diamonds. Starting out, you should have around $400,000 to work with but you'll only have 600 diamonds on you. That said, this could allow you to snag two Tier 2 cars including the Ferrari F40 if you want to go that route.

Nissan Skyline GT-R

Now this particular car in Projects Cars GO is made with the Acceleration fan in mind. At an impressive 92 rating in that area, it's a major strength that can be beneficial if you want to get those quick jumps. You should be jumping out of the gate pretty quickly.

However, the top speed is an 88 so just keep that in mind too, although that's still good. But just know that it's not 90 or 91 is all. Cornering also lands at an 88 rating. So overall, there is a pretty nice balance with this ride too, but as mentioned, the Acceleration is its bread and butter.

The car's also more affordable at $90,000. It's still 300 Diamonds but those prices will be the same for all cars depending on the tiers. It all just depends on what stats are most important to you and how heavy you think your wallet is.

Ford GT

Speaking of price ranges, the third and final car on our list comes to you from tier 3. The Ford GT is certainly a beast in Project Cars GO, as well as the other tier 3 rides. But the GT boasts a 136 Top Speed while also maintaining a 132 Acceleration rating.

Cornering is also a smooth 134 so it does have a nice amount of balance in the tier 3 group. This is a high-quality car that you can start off with almost immediately. However, since it is a tier 3 car, this means the asking price is going to be much higher.

The Ford GT will cost you $198,000 and will snatch up all 600 of your starting Diamonds as well. So, if you are going to go for a tier 3 ride, take a look at some of the other cars before making your final decision. You can always collect more Diamonds later, but I just wanted to give you a little heads up. So go ahead a look around and find the car that's right for you in the early goings. Happy shopping.





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