Updated: October 11th - Updated the tier list

Welcome to our Disney Sorcerer's Arena tier list page, and let me just explain it a bit. We made four tier lists, with one for each game mode, except the first one which ranks the characters by their overall performance!

Disney Sorcerer's Arena is a really cool RPG that combines all the elements that draw the line between a simple RPG and a good one. The fact that they sprinkle some cool graphics and smooth gameplay on top, results in a game that I ended up playing for hours on end, which surprised me!

But all throughout my gameplay, one question popped up in my mind - who are the best characters in the game? Well, if you've been wondering the same thing, then look no further, because I've done all my research and compiled you a complete Disney Sorcerer's Arena tier list.

disney sorcerers arena tier list

In the tier list below you can discover who are all the best characters in the game ranked by tier, so you can have an easier time assembling the best team in the game. Of course, if you are looking for some of the best teams in the game, then you better check out our article on the best teams in Disney Sorcerer's Arena!

Ideally, you want to have a tank that can soak up a lot of the damage directed towards your team, a healer - (almost) any support character should do, and damage dealers. It's important to have both AoE damage dealers and single-target units because if you want to kill certain bosses before they obliterate your team, that is your best shot.

Constantly upgrade your best characters

Remember to constantly upgrade your best units (those that are in the SS-tier especially), because they will become crazy strong once they're maxed out - that's the main reason why they are top tier at the moment. Also, it could be useful to upgrade some of the units in the S-tier, because even if they are not as strong as the characters in the SS-tier, they are doing exceptionally well.

sorcerers arena best characters

Later on in the game, you can shift your attention towards more units (let's say you can make a PvP-oriented team, one specifically designed to be awesome at Club Conquest and a final one that you will use only in Raid). Just don't do that at the very beginning, because it will cost you a lot of resources that you need in order to progress in the story stages. 

I will start off with a general tier list, then I will go into more details on the following pages regarding the other content of the game, such as PvP, Club Conquest and Raid. So, if you are interested only in a specific tier list, you can also use the links below to check it out!

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