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Disney Sorcerer's Arena best teams

Disney Sorcerer's Arena best teams

We composed five best teams you can make in DSA

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Have you started playing Disney Sorcerers Arena, but you are not sure yet what units to place in your team? Or maybe you have been playing for a while, and want to know which are the best teams at the moment. No matter the case, I hear you, and I've compiled a list of Disney Sorcerer's Arena best teams that you can assemble!

Some of these teams are super powerful at the moment, while some have been strong for quite a while. If you're a veteran player, then chances are you own most of these units. Therefore, assembling the teams shouldn't be too hard. Upgrading the units, on the other hand, might be a little bit more time-consuming.

But to give you an explanation as to why we chose the teams that we did, here are a couple of tips that will shed some light on that.

disney sorcerers arena best teams

You want to pair up units that have a good synergy

Each unit has a different set of skills. Ideally, you want to pair together units that grant buffs that will stack up nicely together, such as increased damage, buff and debuff stacking (and extending their duration), and much more.

For instance, in a Toy Story team, you want to put units like Woody, Buzz and Jessie, as well as Chunk and other units that will gain benefits from the trait.

Some units can fit into multiple teams

You can have a couple of teams (one of PvP, one for PvE for example), but that doesn't mean you need to switch all of your units out. Some characters can work well in multiple instances, and therefore they can find a place in several teams.

To check out the best characters, consult our Disney Sorcerer's Arena tier list.

Although you can take up all the S-tier units from our tier list and put them in various teams, you won't really benefit from their synergy buffs. So, as we mentioned in the previous point, try to keep this in mind while forming a team.

You might want to find a team that fits your playstyle

If you like playing the game a specific way, then you definitely want to put together the best team in Disney Sorcerer's Arena that will fit your playstyle. Some of the teams we will cover have a specific play style, and you cannot always play them on auto (because the skill and debuff timer will get completely out of sync).

But don't worry - if you like only playing on auto, then there's also a team that fits that criteria! (I see you, lazy gamers)

You can swap out the units you don't have for ones you own

Of course, this is an issue many of us encounter at one point or another. We find a team that we would like to play, only to be unable to use it because we're missing one unit. I have to say, you really shouldn't worry about that too much. 

best teams in sorcerers arena

Eventually, you will own all of the units and you can fix any team you want. And if you want to try any of the teams below, you can do so by swapping out the units you don't have for the ones you do have. Don't worry too much about the details! 

At the very beginning it won't make much difference, so feel free to put any units whose skills you think could benefit the main carries from a team. 

Below you can find 5 of the best teams in Disney Sorcerer's Arena, and I've written down everything you need to know about them. From how easy they are to play, to how well they synergize, you will be able to learn all about them! 

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The Sensational 6 Team

Units: Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Goofy, Donald, Daisy and Pluto
Synergy: SS
Difficulty in playing: Easy

This team focuses on stacking defences, and with all the bonuses that each character brings to the team, the end result is a heavily "stacked" team in terms of defence, regeneration, Haste and much more.

This is one of the best teams you will probably fight in DSA, and many people are rocking it at the moment. Oh, and did I mention they also get Harmful Immunity? That's right, this is one of the most powerful teams you can play.

To top it all off, Donald and Daisy Duck are great for counterattacking, which makes it a team that is, by default, quite difficult to counter. This team is especially great against teams that focus on AoE damage, because - you guessed it - all the counters will basically destroy the opponents.

The Super Defensive Team

Units: Hercules, Maui, Baymax, Rapunzel, Pegasus
Synergy: A-
Difficulty in playing: Medium

This is an extremely defensive team, and it relies heavily on healing, defensive buffs and bonus reviving from Rapunzel. You can swap out some of the units, but Hercules is pretty much a must. He provides a lot of utility and defense, and he can also cleanse all the harmful effects.

This team is great for Club Conquest, especially when it comes to picking a counter for the Sensational 6 team. Of course, you can also go for Ursula as leader, with Mother Gothel and Chunk or any other villains you see fit.

I find that many teams which feature Hercules are super strong, because that character provides a lot of utility and sturdiness, so it can find synergy in many different situations.

The Kingdom Team

Units: Shan Yu, Aladdin, Jasmine, Genie, Jafar (you can replace Jafar with Mulan, Robin Hood or even Sorcerer's Apprentice Mickey)
Synergy: S
Difficulty in playing: Easy-to-Medium

This is a fairly f2p team that can cause a lot of damage and a wide variety of units to accommodate your needs. You can farm up a lot of these units in various instances, so as a beginner this could be the best team to aim for in Disney Sorcerers Arena.

You also need to know that although it doesn't seem like much at the start (since it's a mainly f2p team), it will scale incredibly well in the end. The more you progress in the story stages and the more you upgrade these units, the better they'll become.

They will be able to take down pretty much all content in the game, and you can adjust it to fit your needs depending on the situation (be it more defensive or more offensive). So, I definitely recommend it!

The Frozen Team

Units: Anna, Elsa, Sven, Kristoff and Olaf (or Dash)
Synergy: SS
Difficulty in playing: Hard

All of the units in this team are extremely powerful by themselves, and when you put them together, you get one of the top-tier teams in the game. Although it is not a super easy to play team (since it requires timing and well-executed moves for a maximum burst of damage), you will definitely get a kick out of it when you pull it off.

I strongly suggest you try to obtain these units and upgrade them because the game will seem like an entirely different entity, especially in PvP Arena.

One of my favourite parts about this team is Kristoff - he is extremely annoying to deal with since he will assist a lot, and Elsa is the cherry on top. Once she's fully charged her skill, she will obliterate enemies in one shot.

The Mythical Team

Units: Hercules, Pegasus, Miguel, Phil and Baymax (or Megara)
Synergy: S
Difficulty in playing: Medium-Hard

This is a team that solely focuses on Mythical. You want to buff Hercules as much as you can, and with Pegasus, Phil and Megara you can easily achieve that. Baymax, however, is a great unit thanks to its super-powerful kit, so I couldn't really pick between the two.

With Miguel as leader, you will gain increased chances to revive and much more. It's an overall fun team, but you need to time your skills really well. The Mythical team has good defences and plenty of sustain, so it can be a great team in DSA to try out in PvP Arena (even though it doesn't beat the Frozen Team), because you will outlive most of your opponents.

You can check the guide that we made with a bunch of useful tips for Disney's Sorcerer's Arena. Maybe you have something to add to our list of best teams in Disney Sorcerer's Arena? Leave the comment below when you test some of these, and let us know if there is a meta combination that we might have missed!

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