Updated on October 11th, 2021 - Updated the tier list

In Hero Wars you want to focus on the best heroes from the very beginning, and for good reason. It takes quite a lot of resources (and time) to upgrade them. So if you want to form a good team, you need to know exactly who to aim for.

Below you will find our complete Hero Wars tier list as well as some more tips on how to make up a good team. We'll start with the tips, so if you're new at the game try to take them into consideration - I'm sure they will come in handy later on and you'll better understand what I mean once you're faced with the situation (bear with me here).

To give you an example, Ginger could be a very strong unit early on, and many players could get baited into upgrading her. Please don't, because she will come nowhere near powerful unit synergies like K'arkh & Faceless or Keira in terms of damage.

That being said, here are a couple of tips for when you want to start upgrading your heroes and forming a powerful team.

hero wars best heroes

Invest in just a couple of units early on, until you decide what team you want to go for

In the early game, you want to invest in just a few select, best units, because you don't want to spend your resources all over the place and end up with nothing. When you get units like Astaroth, Galahad, Thea, Celeste or Martha, feel free to upgrade them - they will be useful long-term. Units like Ginger and Arachne are, like I mentioned earlier, heavily early-game focused, so you won't really make good use of them.

It's never a good idea to focus on all the heroes at once. You want to really focus on 1 at a time, and once you're done with them, you move on to the next. If you spend your resources all over the place you will fall off in terms of power. This tier list will teach you about the best heroes that you need to focus on!

hero wars tier list

Team synergies are extremely important

A good team synergy will make a great difference when it comes to defeating bosses and passing more stages. You want to make sure that you either go for a Magic ATK team or a Physical ATK team, not a combination of both. If you want to go for both, do it later on when you have the resources (if a time like that ever comes... I am still waiting and farming).

That being said, make sure that max out your main team first, then, when and if you have the resources, you can work on a second or third team. Consult our tier list to pick the right ones to focus on!

Do your daily Dark Tower... daily

Try to do the Dark Tower every single day, especially if your aim is to get stronger ASAP. You will receive a ton of items, tokens and Gold, and if you manage to do a full clear, you'll get even more rewards.

Since the Tower Level is based on your player level, you want to make sure that you claim the rewards only after the level of your heroes is the same as your player level. The Dark Tower could be quite challenging, but you'll get the hang of it since it's super good in terms of upgrading your characters! 

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Now that you got the hang of a couple of basics, take a look at the complete Hero Wars tier list on the next page!