Devsisters has unveiled details about two new games it will be releasing later this year, one of which is coming to mobile.

The first game is codenamed Project Mars. It is a 3D city builder game in which you create and design your own virtual cities out of bricks, and can then explore these creations using a dynamic camera system.

Project Mars empowers you with the freedom to create without limitation. After you beat the short tutorial, the game allows you to start tapping into your imagination to build within a safe space. You can use the world map to find and explore cities created by other players, and then share blueprints based on their creations to replicate structures that you like.

The cute townspeople of Project Mars, called ‘Pipo’, then go to work for you, completing various building jobs that are shared amongst you and your friends. As we now know with all Devsisters games, the visual elements are incredibly detailed, this time including a dramatic lighting shift from day to night.

The second title announced is called Project Safe House, and it’s a hardcore shooter with fierce combat that force you into concealment, defence and surprise attacks.

It’s only been announced to be coming to PC via Steam so far, but as Devsisters is experienced with mobile publishing there’s a chance it may find its way to iOS and Android in the future too. At the very least, you should be able to play it on your phone by using the Steam Link app.

More information about both Project Mars and Project Safe House is coming in March, but we know it’ll land on mobile sometime this year.

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