Black Pants Studio’s About Love and Hate 2 has released on the iOS App Store this week after previously being available as a full title on PC and Mac last year.

About Love and Hate 2, also known by its slightly longer title About Love, Hate and the Other Ones 2, is a puzzle game where you influence the world using love and hate. You talk to the other ones and use them to create a path to the level exit.

Love and Hate are two separate characters in this game. By some mishap, Hate’s child has tripped the red button and disappears immediately. It’s up to you, playing as both Love and Hate, to set off and find the careless child. Hopefully they’ll know better next time not to press a big red threatening button.

With the power of Love and energy of Hate, you control these two characters as they travel through airy heights, dark castles and endless expanses.

The first About Love and Hate game was 2D, whereas this sequel makes the jump to three-dimensional spaces as you explore and look at them from all angles to uncover the clues to their solution. Each level, including the bonus ones, are hand-drawn by illustrators and feature a variety of different art styles.

About Love, Hate and the Other Ones 2 was originally released for PC and Mac in May last year, where it was received quite well. The Steam version of the game currently has a 95% positive score based on 20 reviews.

You can download About Love and Hate 2 now from the iOS App Store. It is a premium title which costs £2.99.

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