Modern Day Heroes is a selection of minigames that aim to celebrate the work of those that have been on the frontline since various lockdowns began last year. The game initially released last November but has recently been updated to introduce Friend Leaderboards.

There are seven different minigames on offer in Modern Day Heroes, each of which focuses on a different frontline worker job. It includes working as a paramedic, janitor, nurse, delivery driver, officer, scientist and bellhop.

Each minigame will aim to simulate the related job in some fashion. For instance, as a paramedic, you'll be driving the ambulance to the nearest hospital whilst weaving through traffic. Additionally, the hospital is also running low on supplies so you'll need to gather as many as you can to help out.

The janitor, meanwhile, will be tasked with keeping surfaces as clean as possible to try and mitigate the spread of disease. You'll need to blast germs with sanitiser foam and doing so quickly will net you the soap storm and magic mop power-ups that grant immunity for three seconds.

Elsewhere, the scientist will, of course, set about trying to find a cure. The issue is the laboratory needs to be kept clean and the scientists are getting a tad hungry having been working day and night. So you'll have to drag the appropriate provisions to the lab to ensure they can continue to carry out their pivotal work.

As you can see from the examples and screenshots in this article, it's essentially a series of very simple minigames that aim to replicate the efforts that key workers are putting in. It's all presented with a lovely aesthetic too.

Modern Day Heroes is available now over on the App Store. It's a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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