LifeAfter from NetEase Games is getting a special in-game event to coincide with the launch of its new mode, Shelter Land, which is launching for the game on iOS and Android devices.

LifeAfter’s new Shelter Land mode brings seven shelter lands to the vast open world the game hosts. These areas are up for grabs by any team of players, meaning there is fierce competition on the battlefield and will make it difficult for you to control the territories.

The event is called Shelter Land Showdown, and it involves ten camps invited from the final 16 of the Charles Town Clash joining in. It’s a cross-server match which involves four servers divided into a single combat zone. Altogether there are 40 camps in each combat zone, which are then whittled down to five winners controlling the Shelter Lands.

Check out this trailer for the event below.

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This event begins on 8th February and goes on until the 10th, which doesn’t seem like a whole lot of time but there’s actually quite a lot going on. Knockout matches in each Shelter Land begin then and keep going until one is crowned victor.

Meanwhile, a world boss appears at 11am each day (details are unclear which time zone this corresponds to, but as NetEase is in China we should assume it would be 11am UTC+08:00). When the boss appears, all players on the server must work together to bring it down and the top teams to defeat it will earn rewards to help turn the tide of battle.

You can download LifeAfter and access this new content now from the iOS App Store and Google Play for Android. It is a free to play title with in-app purchases.

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