Magic: The Gathering Arena ranks reward players' wins when competing online in matches. Learn how the ranking system works and how you can rise to the top of the ranks.

There are several different play modes in Magic: The Gathering Arena. Practice mode allows you to do just that: practice against an AI bot to test out your deck and see how it plays against an opponent. Play mode is your typical competitive-but-not-ranked fare, where you can be placed against an opponent with any ranking, and can test your deck in a more realistic scenario against an actual human.

Traditional Play rounds out these unranked modes by adding sideboarding (allowing you to have up to fifteen cards that you can swap out between matches) and sees you playing best-of-three.

How to earn MTG Arena ranks?

Once you’re ready, ranked matches give you a chance to prove yourself against other like-ranked individuals. There are six MTG Arena ranks in total. In MTG Arena, Standard Ranked is a single match game where players start at the Beginner and then advance from Bronze all the way to Diamond, with four tiers per rank, and work their way up to the Mythic (top).

Traditional Ranked is a best-of-three battle that adds sideboarding to the mix. Your Constructed MTG Arena ranks are used to determine your prizes at the end of the season, which can lead to several booster packs earned and a pile of gold to do what you please with.

mtg arena ranks

Earning through Events

Additionally, there are events introduced throughout the season that have entry fees that can be paid either with gold or the iAP currency gems, although there are some events that are gem-exclusive. These focus particularly on earning rewards based on whether certain conditions are met when playing matches. Some events are only available for a limited time, so be sure to check the events board often.

No matter which way you play, there’s a game waiting for you. If you need some help making a deck worthy of ranked play, check out our deck-building guide and create your best deck today.

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