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MTG Arena best decks: Everything you need to know about the strongest decks

Where to find the best decks in MTG Arena

MTG Arena best decks: Everything you need to know about the strongest decks

Looking for the MtG Arena best decks? Read on. We've compiled the best resources to help you build the perfect hand.

Creating the best deck in Magic: The Gathering is nearly impossible, but it’s good to know where to look for ideas and trends. There are plenty of players out there, playing the game and trying to figure what makes a winning formula, just the same as you. Each new expansion adds and subtracts from your options, and Kaldheim is no exception with the addition of new mechanics and the dropping of the Ravnica sets.

How to make the best deck for MTG Arena?

When looking for a solid deck to play within MTG Arena, you have to take into consideration that you don’t have the option to flat out purchase cards as you would if you were to play Magic on paper (non-digital). This makes it harder to easily obtain the cards, sure, but you have some other options.

MTG arena best decks

Should you use boosters to create the best deck?

Boosters aren’t the only way to expand your library, but they do guarantee either a rare or mythic rare in each pack. You can buy them with gold you’ve earned by playing and completing in-game quests, or by the IAP currency gems if you’re looking to expand your library right away. You can also find Wildcards in your packs that replace a card of a specific rarity, allowing you to swap out these cards for any card of your choice of the same rarity.

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Another way to earn cards is by playing Draft Ranked events. They cost you some of your precious gems, but you receive more cards in each pack of the draft. Individual cards can also be earned just by playing games, so the more you play, the more you earn!

Once you have some cards assembled, you can start figuring out what else you’d like to pick up in order to start building the best possible deck. There are a bunch of great sites to look into for this, most notably and You can even take your favourite cards, do a search for them, and then you’ll see lists of decks that include those cards in them. Or, you can start looking at the top decks on those sites and work towards trading your Wildcards for what you need.

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