Pocket Pixel Design is releasing a physical cartridge for the Nintendo Game Boy title Super JetPak DX. The preorders for the physical cartridge went up before Christmas but there are still two weeks left to grab it if you haven’t already.

In it you control an astronaut who is lost on alien worlds located in the farthest edges of the galaxy. You must help them get home by manoeuvring over the surface in your jetpack, and hopefully not get killed along the way. The main way of doing this is by collecting parts for your rocket to blast off to the next planet, all while avoiding the various hostile life forms and hazardous environment.

For the unaware, Super JetPak DX has an interesting history. It was originally a homebrew game for the Game Boy released online way back in 1999, which itself was a recreation of Jet Pac for the ZX Spectrum. Super JetPak DX has been updated in the year 2020 with new graphics and music to bring it more in line with modern expectations.

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Pocket Pixel Design’s physical release is a limited run deal, but you still have two weeks left to preorder the game if you want to get your hands on the cartridge. The estimated timeline ends the preorder period on 31st January. Manufacturing of the cartridge, manual, labels and boxes go into effect on 1st February, and then the game will begin shipping a month later on 1st March.

There are also different pricing tiers for the game. The complete version costs £40 and includes a cartridge, box, manual and digital ROM download. Meanwhile, if you can’t drop that much money on it there’s the cheaper £25 option, which includes just the cartridge and ROM, and a £10 offer with just the ROM. If you’re located outside the United Kingdom there are also some postage fees.

If you’d like to learn more about Super JetPak DX and grab it for yourself, you can check it out on Pocket Pixel Design’s website here.

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