Why play sports in real life when you could just play some on your mobile device? I am not a huge sports fan, however, I do find sports games to be fun! As it’s been cold outside, I’ve not even wanted to go out, so surely playing sports digitally makes sense. There are lots of different sports games in the mobile space, from those that take a real sport and create a realistic game around them, to others that simply have you managing teams or games inspired by various sports - but with their own twists and spins on them. We've created this list of the best new mobile sports games of 2020 so that you don't' have to look too far to find your next favourite game.

Whether you play actual sports or prefer to just play the digital version, there are so many different sports-inspired games or games just about sports! Many new ones came out in 2020, and we've gathered together what we consider the best of the best into this list for you. We've got everything from hockey to wrestling, and there's even a bit of climbing in there too. 

Anyway, hit the big blue button below to head onto our list and find out what are, in our opinion, the best mobile sports games of 2020.