Puzzles in games come in a whole variety of different shapes and sizes, as a matter of fact almost every type of games has puzzles in them. Some platformers have only one route through their levels, with hidden areas blocking off the only path; Some shooters need you to head through areas in specific manners in order to clear a level; And, of course, survival horror games are normally rife with box-puzzle and item-finding puzzles. However, today we're here to talk about the humble puzzle genre - where the puzzling experience is put first - and that's why we've pulled together our list of the best new mobile puzzle games of 2020.

As it turned out, we all spent a bit more time inside through 2020 than we originally thought we would. For those of us who like to test our brains and exercise our logic, puzzle games have been a handy tool to keep us fresh when we've not been dipping into the physical puzzles of a platformer or the mental solutions asked of narrative games.

In this list we're going to focus on the games that are pure puzzle, stripped down to the basics. These are games which focus entirely on a simple-seeming path to solution, but they also do clever things with their design, deployment or simply have really great puzzles. 

So, without further delay, click through below to find out what are, in our opinion, the best new mobile puzzle games of 2020.