Flavourworks has released its FMV thriller Erica on iOS, over a year after its original release as a PlayStation 4 exclusive.

It’s an interactive FMV game, similar to the likes of The Bunker and The Complex. You play as Erica (Holly Earl), a woman who sets out to uncover the strange and occultist past of her family’s history. Using the game’s touch controls, you can reach out and interact with many of Erica’s surroundings that appear to her. At critical parts of the story you’ll be making decisions which alter the course of the plot and affects the ending you may receive.

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Of course, an FMV game is better shown rather than spoken about, so here’s a trailer to help you see what Erica is all about. Although this is taken from the PS4 version, expect the gameplay and footage to be almost identical.

Flavourworks has been hard at work making sure the controls of the original game converted well to a touch-screen setup. The PS4 version utilised the DualShock 4’s touchpad as well as having official PlayLink support, so it seems like the conversion to iOS would be pretty straightforward.

Erica is available now on the iOS App Store as a free download, which is a trial of the game. If you want to play the entire thing though it’s available as a premium purchases costing £2.99. Also don't mistake it for the Erica App PS4, that's actually an app to use when playing the PlayStation 4 version of the game.

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