Shadow Pokemon have made their way into the Pokemon GO world, with Team Rocket taking over the world through sky travel, PokeStops, and being apart of your Field Training. Shadow Pokemon are a real problem, as they look even and are much more challenging to catch - coupled with the fact that you need to fight off Team Rocket first, there is a lot going on around this type of Pokemon.

Whether you are trying to get through the “Troubling Situation” field task in Pokemon GO or (like me) are currently trying to get through a limited-time event using these powerful creatures, this guide should help you learn everything you need to know to bring these Pokemon back to safety.

In this article, we are going to cover what Shadow Pokemon are, how to capture them, the best tips on gaining more PokeBalls to capture them with, what purifying is and more. Hopefully, this is helpful in fulfilling quests and helping you continue to save Pokemon in this world.

shadow pokemon - Pokemon GO

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