Every time you level up in Wild Rift you can unlock a cool reward. These rewards will help you progress in various ways and make the game much more enjoyable, so I suggest you check them out. They can include Blue Motes, champions, icons, emotes, and much more, so you should spend your in-game currency for other stuff, not for the ones I'll list below.

Champions in League of Legends: Wild Rift can be unlocked over time, but if you aim to get a specific one, you can try to get it for free! You don't know what I'm talking about? Then keep reading, because I'll tell you everything that you need to know about unlocking champions for free in Wild Rift.

But first things first - each time you level up, you will unlock some neat rewards. These rewards include free champions, so I really suggest that you check them out before unlocking the respective champions in other ways.

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These are the level-up rewards, so don't waste your chests and Blue Motes on unlocking the following champions:

Level 1: Garen and Jinx (champions)
Level 2: Ahri (champion)
Level 3: Blitzcrank (champion)
Level 4: Master Yi (champion)
Level 5: Ashe (champion)
Level 6: Annie (champion)
Level 7: Vi (champion)
Level 8: Nasus (champion)
Level 9: Lux (champion)
Level 10: Janna (champion)
Level 11-14: 1475 Blue Motes
Level 15: 200 Poro Coins
Level 16-19: 400 Blue Motes
Level 20: 200 Poro Coins
Level 21-24: 200 Blue Motes
Level 25: Blitz Bump (emote), 50 Poro Coins
Level 26-29: 100 Blue Motes
Level 30: Leveling Bauble Selection Chest, 50 Poro Coins
Level 31-34: 100 Blue Motes
Level 35: Buzzy Bee (emote), 50 Poro Coins
Level 36-39: 100 Blue Motes

Level 40: Crowning Achievement (icon border), Well, That's It (icon), 50 Poro Coins

Other cool ways to unlock free champions are through in-game events. There are some time-limited events that reward players with Champion Select Chests or Random Champion Chests, so try using those before you get champions in other ways.

Lastly, you can unlock champions by purchasing them from the shop. That's not for free, of course, and it will cost either Blue Motes (non-premium currency) or Wild Cores (premium currency).

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