Last week we announced that Playdigious would be porting the strategy game Northgard over on to iOS and Android in the future. Today they've shared a few details with us about what we can expect from the port alongside some early footage of the game running on mobile.

You can check this gameplay out on in the embedded trailer below. Though do remember this is very early footage of Northgard so it may still require various optimisation tweaks ahead of launch before everything is running smoothly. Though it's looking very promising so far.

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Playdigious has also provided us with a few more bits of information too. The mobile release will have the same content as the base version of the PC edition. The UI will naturally differ to account for being played on a mobile screen but the maps, units, buildings and so forth will be the same as those on PC.

They are anticipating adding the DLC though they've said they'll announce more about this at a later stage. As for the base game, players can expect to hear more details on that in early 2021. Still a while to wait then but if you'd like to hear any news as soon as Playdigious announces it, you can subscriber to the game's newsletter.

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If you missed our initial announcement for the game, it's a strategy title where players will look to conquer the titular land of Northgard. They'll have to build settlements and assign their Vikings to different roles in their villages before setting off to battle against Dire Wolves and Undead Warriors.

Northgard will be heading to the App Store and Google Play at some stage. There's no set release date just yet nor any information on pricing but we'll be sure to update you as and when we learn more.

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