It’s been one hell of a year for LifeAfter. Not only is the post-apocalyptic survival sim nearing the milestone of 200 million registered players, but it was rated as one of the most competitive games on Google Play in 2019, and these feats are merely the beginning.

The future is bright for fans of NetEase Games’ doomsday romp, as its third season kicked off earlier this month. The latest chapter is chock-full of new content, from bigger environments and revamped graphics, to more intelligent zombie foes.

Eager to know what else is in store? Here’s all you need to know about LifeAfter Season 3…

Double the playing field

Fans of open-world exploration are in for a treat in LifeAfter’s third season. Players have a large, seamless map to roam and the explorable zones are double the size. The transition between areas is smooth and natural, so you can hike from Fall Forest to the deserts or climb to the summit of Mount Snowthen before swimming all the way to the Island.

These journeys won’t be easy since the update has thrown in all kinds of new challenges and surprises that make LifeAfter’s post-apocalyptic playgrounds more perilous than before. But you’ll at least find vehicles scattered across the map when you need to make a quick getaway.

Players can use motorcycles(free), off-road cars and even helicopters, and these will come in handy when facing off against zombies with teammates. It’s an all-new, next-level combat experience that doesn’t skimp on vehicular thrills.

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Doomsday has never looked so good

The end of days has always been easy on the eye in LifeAfter, thanks to its console-quality visuals, but in season three, the game packs an even bigger graphical punch. Thanks to a full engine upgrade, the visuals have seen a dramatic improvement from top to bottom.

Players will notice that the weather effects, landscapes and character models are now more detailed, but the benefits of this aren’t just cosmetic. The enhanced graphics help LifeAfter conjure up a more immersive doomsday environment, with more vivid seasonal and infrastructure changes to boot. Combat is smoother and more realistic, too.

Season three has made the in-game world more dynamic and it also gives players a host of new ways to make their mark in it, such as building dams, roads, gas stations and other infrastructure improvements.

Brainier zombies

Zombies aren’t usually the smartest enemies that gamers encounter, but in LifeAfter Season 3, they’ve evolved into something far more dangerous than braindead reanimated corpses.

The update has ushered in a new horde system which makes the infected more difficult to deal with. Barbed wire and locked doors may have kept them at bay in previous seasons, but now you’ll find that they can interact with the environment in a raft of new ways. This includes climbing, destroying obstacles and even using the backdrops to camouflage themselves.

It’s a good job the weapon and professions systems have been given an update to ensure players have more zombie-slaying options during combat.

Treasure hunting and gathering teams

Since LifeAfter’s world now includes more explorable areas, Season 3 has introduced a new profession to help players make the most of this: the Treasure Hunter.

Treasure Hunters have an increased mining limit and an advantage when accessing intel about treasure digging spots. Moreover, this new character class has a higher probability of identifying good quality treasure compared to the game’s other classes.

Speaking of unearthing resources, players who want to do this quickly can now do so by joining a Gathering Team. This is a new team-up feature that allows players to exchange resources and band together for special resource gathering missions.

Ready to explore LifeAfter’s new and improved post-apocalyptic world and test your mettle against those evolved zombies? Season 3 is available to download from the App Store and Google Play now.

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