Shinobi Run Endless is now available worldwide for both iOS and Android

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Shinobi Run Endless is, unsurprisingly, an endless runner from independent developer Quadrilateral Games that aims to bring a more mature approach to the genre, which seems to mean more blood and gore than usual. It's available for iOS in the US and is expected to roll out globally soon.

Shinobi Run Endless sees the titular character embarking a bloodthirsty journey across the Alps. They're looking to confront the Tsuchigumo clan to claim vengeance for the death of their family. This particular shinobi has been cursed with eternal life, meaning they can run this gruesome gauntlet over and over. Which for us translates as high score hunting.

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It promises an easy to learn but difficult to master combat system, which seems to be a theme with my articles today. You'll be able to sprint, jump, slide and throw smoke bombs to vanquish the many foes you'll encounter on each run. To add a touch more depth to the combat there is a target sensor that will cause critical damage if timed perfectly.

As you slice and dice your way through the game it's also important to constantly be collecting time orbs which will extend your life. There also appears to some kind of resurrection mechanic which, based on the embedded trailer which you can see above, seems to simply be a second chance type deal.

There is also an in-game shop where you'll be able to equip a variety of different items. These can be mixed and matched to create a loadout that suits your preferred way of playing.

Shinobi Run Endless is available now over on the App Store. It's a completely free game without any pesky adverts on in-app purchases to worry about. However, it is currently only available in the US App Store but will launch globally soon.

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