Today Pladigious has announced that the strategy game Northgard will be heading for iOS and Android at some stage. The game previously released on Steam and consoles and now it'll be making its way to mobile with Playdigious set to unveil more details in the next few weeks.

Following years of tirelessly exploring the world, a group of brave Vikings have discovered a new land - the titular Northgard - that promises plenty of riches but is also filled with mystery and danger. The most courageous Northmen have set out to explore these new lands to conquer it and bring fame to their Clan.

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It won't be easy, however, as Northgard is littered with dire wolves and Undead Warriors who won't take kindly to their lands being invaded. However, the Vikings might be able to strike up a friendship with the Giants if they play their cards right, or otherwise have to face them in battle too.

The game itself will see players building their settlements in this newly discovered land before assigning their Vikings to different roles. This includes different occupations such as farmer, warrior, sailor or even loremaster.

They'll also need to manage their resources carefully, Northgard has harsh winter and even tougher foes, so making sure you have enough supplies will be integral to survival. Once established in Northgard players will then look to expand their territory and look to claim victory through either conquest, fame, lore or trading.

Northgard will be heading to the App Store and Google Play at some stage. There's no set release date just yet nor any information on pricing but we'll be sure to update you as and when we learn more.

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