Call of Duty Mobile is celebrating its one year anniversary and over a million downloads by adding some new things in the latest season. This includes a new map and game mode to deepen your experience as a soldier on the hit mobile game.

The new map is a tight one called "King" and those smaller maps are always a lot of fun to play. They're fun because there are more shooting and less moving. In short, be prepared to expect plenty of fireworks in Gunfight and Duel, the modes you can play King on.

Then you have a new mode called "Cranked" and this is all about getting kills in order to stay alive. So it's like a survival mode of sorts. But one other addition that seems small compared to the other things mentioned in the Club. This new area is essentially a lounge for players to enjoy in celebration of the anniversary. If you haven't fired up COD Mobile in a while, here are a few things to expect in the Club which will only be available until Oct. 28. 

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