Genshin Impact is quickly becoming one of the more popular games out there due to its beautiful open world, fun, gacha design, and the fact that it's free-to-play. The game has gotten reach on PS4, Xbox One, and Switch but it has also gained traction on Android and iOS. 

The fact that a game with such a huge world is on mobile right out of the box says a lot about where mobile gaming is continuing to go. But the game starts out with a cutscene where two young relatives clash with a god who attempts to take one of two with her. 

The cutscene pauses and lets you decide which character you want to be, the brother or the sister. Whoever you choose, the other will get sent away. And so the game officially begins with your character reminiscing about the situation, overlooking the ocean and lighthouse, talking to Paimon, your adorable companion. Here are a few basic tips for you early on

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