Odie's Dimension II is the sequel to Dream Tech's previous isometric puzzler. This follow up is available now for Android devices and will see players guiding Laura and Lara through the titular Odie's Dimension.

Much like the original, Odie's Dimension II draws influence from the likes of Threes, Twenty 48 Solitaire and Monument Valley among others. That means there's a heavy focus on puzzles and exploring a strange world with bizarre geometry.

It plays out from an isometric perspective and Dream Tech says that it features simple controls where you'll mostly just have to tap to move, leaving your brain free to solve the various conundrums Odie's Dimension will have in store for you. There will also be pivots that you'll need to drag or rotate to create new paths to traverse.

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You can check out some of the gameplay in the embedded video above where the Monument Valley inspiration, in particular, is abundantly clear. Aside from delivering a story about escaping the titular realm, the developers also hope that the Odie's Dimension II will help sharpen the player's minds. There are 5 chapters in total, with each presenting a new challenge that will be backed by relaxing sound effects and music.

In truth, it doesn't look as though Odie's Dimension II is doing anything drastically different with this particular puzzle formula then. But if you're on the lookout for another mind-boggling puzzler then it could be worth checking out. 

Odie's Dimension II is available now over on Google Play. It's set to predominately be a premium title with prices starting at $1 and will vary depending on your region.

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