When you start Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles Remastered the first thing you'll have to do is build up your first character, and that's easier said than done if you're not sure what you're doing.

The Crystal Chronicles universe includes four playable races, and while you might think all that changes is your appearance, you would be very wrong indeed. Each race has vastly different abilities to the rest of the team, and you should choose your race depending on your playstyle.

In addition to that huge choice, you'll also be tasked with deciding what your family's trade is, which can make a big difference to items you get sent late in the game, and what access you have to certain facilities, like a Blacksmith. Some trades are more useful than others to be frank, and it's a choice you might regret.

I hope I haven't scared you out of anything, because now we're going to quickly go over what you can expect from each race in the game, and which Trades you should consider choosing for your family - then you can get started with the game properly!

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