Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered was announced earlier this year with a tentative Winter release date. As of yesterday, we now know it'll be coming to Switch, iOS and Android on January 23rd, so not too long to wait now.

Crystal Chronicles originally released on the Gamecube in 2004 - 2003 in Japan - where it was quite well-received having shipped over 1 million copies worldwide. The game follows a young group, comprising of four different races, called the Crystal Caravans. You follow their journey as they search for Myrrh a substance that can cleanse crystals that protect their world from a dangerous gas.

Unlike many older Final Fantasy games, Crystal Chronicles is more akin to a hack and slash game than a turn-based RPG. And instead of gaining experience the old fashioned way by battering folk and completing missions you'll instead tackle challenges in each dungeon that will award ability points when the criteria are met.

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As you'd expect the game will also have a few new additions in the remaster. Firstly, you'll now be able to team up with up to four of your pals online to tackle the various dungeons together. There will also be cross-play so it shouldn't matter too much what device your friends decided to get the game on, you should all still be able to play together.

Additionally, those dungeons will also feature new content so even if you've played the original game for 100s of hours, there'll be new areas for you to discover. This will include new bosses to tackle. You'll also be able to get new skins and additional items to equip so you can make your character feel more your own.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered is heading to Switch, Android and Apple devices on January 23rd. There's no word on pricing at the moment, nor can you pre-order the game on any store fronts but we'll be sure to update you when it's possible.

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