Big-name AR games are forever doomed to be compared to Pokemon GO, but one such title that looks to offer a thoroughly different, more adult AR experience is The Witcher: Monster Slayer. This one's in development at CD Projekt Red's Spokko studio, and it's marching towards an iOS and Android launch.

Here, you're cast as a witcher tasked with travelling the world and taking down a host of foul creatures along the way. It's set well before the time of Geralt of Rivia, so you probably shouldn't expect any series regulars to pop up.

That said, there are tons of familiar monsters here to fell, including water hags, sirens, ghouls, and more. By taking them down, you'll earn some neat trophies and slowly build a name for yourself. There are said to be dozens of foes in total, both existing and original.

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Combat is played from a first-person perspective, and it's apparently heavily inspired by RPGs. This means you'll have to prep your character for the task at hand by brewing oils and potions, crafting bombs, and using the appropriate equipment at all times.

The quests you'll embark on are also story-driven, which isn't really something we've seen explored all that much in other AR releases. All told, it sounds like one of the more interesting, fleshed-out AR games to come along in some time, and with The Witcher brand only continuing to grow, there's definitely a chance that Monster Slayer could be pretty big.

If you fancy finding out more, there's some extra info over on the game's official site. It's also now got its own Twitter account to follow for future updates.

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