MARVEL Duel first appeared on our radar all the way back in March when it was announced it would be heading into closed beta. Now, the card battler is available for both iOS and Android. Well, in Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines and Malaysia. Everyone else will have to wait and see if it launches anywhere else in future.

For those living in those places, however, you'll be able to download the game today and since MARVEL Duel hit all of its pre-registration goals there are a few free rewards up for grabs too. This includes a Rename Chip, five Megaphones and ten General Expansion Packs.

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If you've not been following MARVEL Duel, or missed our coverage last week during our first LaunchPad event, it's a strategic card battler that brings together over 150 Super Heroes and Villains from across the beloved franchise. This includes the likes of Iron Man, Thor, Spider-Man, Star-Lord, Captain Marvel, Hela, and Elektra.

Within that, you can also expect multiple versions of the same character. For instance, there are multiple Iron Man suits to choose from and Spider-Men from different universes. They can all be selected for your deck and you'll be looking for the most powerful combinations possible to emerge victorious from each game.

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The game now has a PVE mode that will see players enjoying various Marvel storylines that cover big events in the franchise such as Civil War and Infinity War. Battling your way through these modes will net players Card Backs and Legendary Hero skins.

Marvel Duel is available now over on the App Store and Google Play in Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines and Malaysia. It's a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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