Crossfire Warzone isn't actually about going to war, necessarily, nor is it anything like Call of Duty Warzone, despite what the title might have you thinking. Excellent method of stealing some of that SEO, though.

No, Crossfire Warzone isn't your standard shooter, even though there is some shooting, but the shooting feels a bit like an afterthought. More than anything, Crossfire Warzone is a military strategy game. Or a management game. Or some kind of hybrid of all of the above.

You'll be managing a giant military base, upgrading certain building, enhancing others, and deciding where your efforts should be focused in order to, um, win the war, I suppose. I'm not sure who you're fighting exactly, but there's a fight.

Crossfire Warzone involves nano zombies, terrorists, and much more, and if you want to fight against these trifling troubles, then just take a look at our tips below…

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