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CROSSFIRE: Warzone launches cross-server PvP Arena and new character, Alice

CROSSFIRE: Warzone launches cross-server PvP Arena and new character, Alice

Raising your army to topple terrorist organizations just got better as CROSSFIRE: Warzone introduces a new character into the fray. Legendary officer Alice is a formidable, no-nonsense femme fatale whose active skill “Massive Explosion” rains death and destruction from above with targeted bombs. Along with her .50 cal. guns, her explosive arsenal can easily deal devastating damage onto a targeted area and blow away all opponents within range.

Meanwhile, Alice’s passive skill “Mind of Vengeance” provides a valuable boost for teammates in a pinch as it increases all active combat units’ critical rates.

Joycity's popular strategy war game also features an all-new PvP Arena - a cross-server battle for supremacy where players above Command Post level 15 from different servers can duke it out. Arena participants will be rewarded with Battle Coins, which can be traded for cool in-game items. Plus, the server with the 1st Place Arena commander for the season will receive a special buff that lasts for a whole week.

To top it all off, players can also enjoy tons of in-game rewards with the new update. For instance, convenience features like the updated Secret Laboratory that now has a level restriction for a fairer, more dynamic, and more enjoyable team comp. You can check out the official website or join the community on Facebook for more info.

If you haven’t tried it yet, you can download CROSSFIRE: Warzone from the App Store and the Google Play store today.