Astalo is one of those games that you'd classify as a hidden gem of sorts. It is a fast-paced, hack and slash kind of game that has a classic level-to-level format. You go from floor to floor, destroying every foe in that area. A new platform will then pop up with the next wave of enemies appearing. 

Of course, since it's level to level, that means things ramp up in difficulty, the further you advance. There are various locations, each with their own set of monsters. You can choose between two warriors to start but can unlock some more later on. 

The game overall feels similar to that of one of the Apple Arcade's highest-rated games, Bleak Sword in terms of camera view and its hack and slash style of gameplay. The only difference is that Astalo is not as difficult although it still can be tricky. This is why we'll reveal a few tips for you before you unleash on your foes.