Residual is an upcoming pixel art survival game from prolific mobile developer OrangePixel. After crash-landing on a mysterious planet, you'll head out on an adventure across its procedurally-generated terrain, delving deep into a cave system where remnants of an advanced alien civilisation can be found.

Surviving this planet isn't going to be easy, so it'll surely come as a sizeable relief to find some handy alien tech along the way. The game mixes crafting with light puzzles and a good deal of exploration – so far so survival game. But the difference here is that Residual completely sidesteps guns, weapons, and violence.

While there's nothing inherently wrong with games that revolve around such things, it's nice to see certain developers move away from the idea that everything needs to have some form of combat. The survival genre, especially on PC, is fairly full of grisly adventures, so I reckon that there's definitely room for a more chilled-out, non-violent approach.

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OrangePixel has put out some quality games in the past, including Space Grunts 2, which I just published a story on earlier today.

While Residual doesn't yet have a firm release date, it's currently expected to launch for iOS, Android, Nintendo Switch, and PC later this year/early 2021. A demo is soon set to go live on Steam, if you'd like to see what it's all about. It's certainly piqued my interest, though I'm also the type of person who's all excited for Lake.

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