There is a slew of stickman games out there and one of them is Stickman Hook, we're talking about this one in particular because it allows you to show off your web-slinging abilities. The game is quite simple in design, in that it's all about reaching the finish line, but that makes it approachable and easy to pick up and play. You'll need to combine hooking, swinging, and bouncing to reach it.

It starts off easy but slowly gets trickier over time. It's a fun little game that can be a good way to past the time - presenting the right pinch of challenge without going overboard. You will be rewarded for your efforts too, so it's not just a purely casual experience.

It's not like Spider-Man, but you can sort of feel like him with your stickman character. Swinging around is good fun, and when you cross that finish line, then almost immediately you can hop right into the next level. Here are a few little hints to make your bouncy, swingy experience more fun.