3pt: 3 Point Shooter Challenge is another one of those hidden gem kind of mobile games. You may have heard of it or have maybe even seen ads for it, but regardless of that, it seems very easy to pass over. This is a shame, as it's a solid, easy to pick-up sort of game, and one perfect for basketball fans. 

The goal is simple: shoot as many three-point buckets as possible. The setting is that of a three-point contest that you see during NBA All-Star Weekends. The locations are at fictional streetball courts from around the world and throughout famous cities. 

There are two main modes in 3pt: 3 Point Shooter Challenge, the first is the career mode, where you can unlock more courts and cities as you play. In this mode you'lll start off in New York, then head to Chicago, and so forth. Next thing you know, you're heading into other countries to showcase your shooting skills.

You can also play a practice mode too. In that you will earn in-game cash which can be used for a variety of things. Unfortunately, as of time of writing, there is no online play, a great shame considering how fun and easy it is to pick up and play. That said, it seems like the folks at Webelinx DOO have been updating the game regularly, so it could be possible. In the meantime, enjoy these little tips and hints about the best way to score in 3pt: 3 Point Shooter Challenge.