Updated: 16th October 17:27 pm - Added champions and adjusted text

League of Legends: Wild Rift's development is well underway with an Android alpha taking place imminently in Brazil and the Phillippines. The mobile version of the popular MOBA is definitely one of the most highly-anticipated mobile games of 2020, if it ends up releasing then. 

It's not going to be a straight port of the PC version of the game either. The gameplay has been tweaked, the map adjusted and of course, the controls will be completely different. This means that League's giant roster of 151 champions will not all be present on launch.

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Instead, there are currently just 51 of them confirmed to be in the game. The upcoming beta, however, will only have 42 with Teemo and Diana not making their debut in the game just yet. Though we can expect them to make an appearance in future tests. 

We've listed the champions by their most commonly played positions on League of Legends PC, though naturally, this can shift as the meta changes. Indeed, there are champions on this list that can quite capably play two roles in the PC version of the MOBA, although there's no guarantee it will be the same here.