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How to set up successful ganks to win games in League of Legends: Wild Rift

How to set up successful ganks to win games in League of Legends: Wild Rift

League of Legends Wild Rift has just launched, and it's basically the mobile version of the famous MOBA League of Legends. Similar to its PC counterpart, in Wild Rift you have to carefully set up the way you want to play, because every move matters. And trust me when I say that, I know it way too well (especially during ranked games).

However, one thing that is almost guaranteed to win you a game is ganks, and more specifically successful ones. When there is power in numbers, things usually end up well for the team with the extra numbers. But since it's easier said than done, let me help you out a little.

Below you will find all the important information to help you gank like a Challenger, and win more games!

Ganking can be of two types pretty much: from jungle to lane, and from lane to lane. When your jungler comes to your lane to aid you, they will do so in order to relieve some pressure off your lane, to help you push, or to even help kill the enemy opponent.

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Ganking from lane to lane

When another laner (or laners) come to your lane, they will most often do so to kill the enemy or enemies, or to help you match the opponent in numbers.

You should only gank lane to lane as follows:

- Top to mid
- Mid to top
- Mid to bot lane
- Bot lane (support/ADC) to mid lane

You should almost never go bot lane to top, or top lane to bot, with a few exceptions:

- You can go from top to bot lane if you have Teleport and are almost certain it will result in a win, by taking objectives: tower, Drake, or Drake Soul in the late game 
- ADC and Support going top lane, if it's a swap in lanes (in which case the top laner should be headed bot lane soon after)
- Support can go to top lane if they have Boots or Mobility and their ADC is able to hold on his own in the bot lane, ONLY if the enemy top laner gives a great reward (has a bounty), there is Rift Herald available, or you need to take the tower

Ganking from jungle to lane

The jungler usually has a set path in mind, depending on the champion they play. Depending on the jungle camp they are usually doing, they could be closer to the top lane, bot lane, or mid lane. They can usually gank for the first time at either level 2 or 3, if they're an early game jungler, or later on if they are not an early-game champion. It pretty much depends on how well they scale late-game.

You can expect enemy jungle ganks by checking out your own jungle, and mirror their movements. (Or at least that's how it should be, in above-low elo)

It's always ideal to gank in the following situations:

- After you pushed your lane (shoved the minion wave towards the enemy), you will be free to roam, and set up a gank in the next lane, if they are in a situation where they could use the help.

- Once you destroyed an enemy tower, you will have some time to either Recall to regen some HP or Mana, or you can gank one of the lanes in need. However, this is one of the most obvious times when people expect ganks to happen, so it might not always succeed.

- If the enemy's major skills are on cooldown (Ultimate and especially Flash, deeming them sitting ducks pretty much)

- If the enemy is pushing too aggressively (is overextended) and doesn't have any support from their team or jungler, then that should be an easy gank.

- If you know the enemy team is on an objective, and you see somebody on the opposite side of the map who is overextended, then you can gank them.

NEVER gank in the following situations:

- When you have a wave of minions pushing into your lane and they could crash on your tower, then you should never leave the lane. Kill the minions, don't lose the EXP (because a big wave of minions that give EXP and Gold is more important than a kill), then push the wave, and only after you are free to leave the lane

- If you gank too often without following what I previously said, you will lose too much EXP, fall behind in levels and items, and ganking will not set you further behind - If you are behind in XP, Items, or Gold, you should never gank because it could turn into an advantage for the opponent.

- If you don't have HP or Mana to cast your skills, then don't gank.

- If your major skills are on cooldown (especially Ultimate and Flash)

- If you don't know where the enemies are, never gank, because they could outnumber you.

In short, remember to always prioritize objectives (EXP, Gold, towers, etc), rather than enemy kills. They are what will win you the game in the long run. All ganks should be done with these in mind, not with kills alone!